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the new new HotForestGreen framework

April 5, 2012


C#, almost there Almost 8 months have passed since the last time I coded on the HotForestGreen framework. I wrote that code in C# as C# offers some benefits to the second option: Java. The main benefit of C# is the integration in all kinds of Windows-goodies, allowing me to write code that can simulate […]

Update: August 3 – WebSockets, holiday, flu, Design Patterns and IP

August 3, 2011


Summary Flu struck me this week. Other priorities – when returning from Italy to Holland – last week. Holiday the week for that. In the holiday I studied Design Patterns, Intellectual Property and Open Source licences to increase my knowledge on two fields I know just a little about. Just before holiday I finialized the […]

Update: June 19 – Getting a grip on all things considered

June 19, 2011


Summary In the past week I worked on the security model and getting the SandBox creation model straight. In the past days I refactored the auto connect mechanism as a consequence. I also found some bugs in the code for Remote Objects written in the current prototype code for Phase 1. Next steps In the […]

Update: First round trip test successful

June 13, 2011


What is it all about? – Remote objects and sandboxes HotForestGreen takes two base concepts into the design: Remote Objects – Which can be shared over an Application Cluster and can update each other when data changes. SandBoxes – Which contains and isolates specific parts of the Application Cluster What has been created? The first […]

Update: Prototype code for Phase 1 of HotForestGreen almost done, implementing authentication

June 1, 2011


About 1 month ago I started coding the HotForestGreen framework, first from a Smart spaces point of view, to expand that to the use of any distributed system. Below you find an update and some (more) backgrounds. HotForestGreen: what and why? First of all, lets start with the what and why. In 2009 I built […]